New Services And Benefits Are In The Works

More Support Systems Will Be At Your Text Command

Coming Soon: 

Free legal advice: Text-a-Lawyer

Free advice on bettering your financial situation: Text-A-Financial Advisor

Free diet coach: Text-A-Diet

$9 prescription fill: Instead of having to wait on doctor and pay $20 copay

Behavioral health by text: Assessments and counsel

Lowest price health insurance by text: Text # health insurance to get the best deal

Broadband for $10 a month: Eligible families can get Wi-Fi at home for $10 a month

Free Android Phone and Service: Eligible people get a free phone with unlimited text and calls

Ultra low cost service and free phone: Available to anyone. No eligibility requirement.

Save on banking and get on better financial footing: No Fee Debit Card. No credit check needed. Get freedom from expensive bank charges.

Clean-Tech discounted electric

Food box discounted home delivery

Household needs discount home delivery

Taxes done for $25 and get money back: Discount tax prep right from your phone. Get your earned income tax credit.

Deep discount home health monitoring: Nokia hypertension devices and service to keep you out of the hospital.