Save Money With Earned Income Tax Credit

Make sure you take advantage of one of the most lucrative tax credits available, which can add between $510 and $6,300 to your refund check. It’s called the Earned Income Tax Credit.
This post will help you determine whether or not you qualify.

  1. You must have earned income such as wages, business profits or disability pay – income that is passively earned, such as rental income or interest income, does not qualify.

  2. Your earned income AND adjusted gross income must be lower than $14,880 for Single taxpayers without a qualifying child, $39,296 with 1 qualifying child, $44,648 with 2 qualifying children and $47,955 with 3+ qualifying children. (Married and Head of Household have higher limits)

  3. If you have a qualifying child your birthdate does not matter – but if no qualifying child you must be born in 1951 or later and before 1992.

  4. Be a US citizen or resident alien for the entire tax year and all individuals on the return (dependents, spouse, etc.) must have a social security number.

  5. Cannot file married filing separately, must be a joint return or you can file as Single or Head of Household.

  6. Cannot have investment income of over $3,400 for the tax year.

We are also lining up a low-cost tax preparation service that will help you qualify and obtain this tax credit. Stay tuned for more details as we fine tune that service just for you!