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Preparing for Tax Season After A Disaster Strikes

In light of the many disaster’s that we’ve seen in 2017 we wanted to help those affected prepare for tax season – this will also help you be better prepared for when the next disaster might hit. By far the most important point is to keep an up to date inventory of your assets. This […]

Disaster Survival Gear

Deals on disaster survival gear hand picked by our nurse. $79.99 Solar powered lantern for $10.99. Portable water filters. Instant pop up tents. Mosquito solutions. Inflatable beds. Camping shower. See our list of deals below: Pop-Up Four-Way Powered Solar Lantern with USB Charger Waterproof Dry Bags (3 sizes) Camping Shower Bag-5 Gallon, Camping & Hiking, […]

Where To Get Help After A Disaster

Here’s a list of direct links or places where you can apply for disaster relief to save you time searching. We found that most disaster recovery sites are optimized for donation and not as much for people looking for help. We hope this makes it a little easier for you. Salvation Army Financial Assistance FEMA […]

How To Stay Safe And Healthy After A Hurricane

Unsafe food: Flood waters contain many contaminants. These can impact not only food sources, but hands, food prep, utensils, and food itself. Power failures impact food storage. Flood waters can also seep into where food is stored. Food packaging can be contaminated on the outside packaging. Contaminated drinking and washing water and poor sanitation: Flooding […]