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JisekiHealth saves you time and money, by providing you with medical advice, a doctor’s consult if needed, and discounted prescriptions. Whenever you need it, wherever you are, all through your mobile phone. See how below:

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Jiseki: Peace of mind for $7.95 per month. Inspiration comes free.

Serving the Community

Our highly experienced, professional staff are here to help you. Meet a few of them below

Ananse Taharka

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Taharka is a Pulmonary Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine physician with over 30 years of medical practice experience. Trained at UC San Francisco, where he holds a clinical position as an Associate Professor of Medicine, Dr. Taharka spent over 20 years at Kaiser Permanente doing clinical work and serving as Director of the Intensive Care Units at Kaisers Oakland and Richmond. He’s been voted one of The Best Doctors in America for nine consecutive years.

David Kagan

Medical Advisor

David is a primary care physician with 12 years experience treating both adults and children.  He strongly believes in effective preventative care and using food as medicine to help his patients optimize their own health and wellness.  Right care for the right patients at the right time. He has worked in both the outpatient office and hospital setting and enjoys partnering to set personalized goals and help manage chronic illness.  He is an avid runner, sports fanatic and Cubs fan. 


Jukka Valkonen

Registered Nurse

Jukka is a registered nurse and public health nurse with 30 years experience in health care. He cares about his clients, and helps them optimize their health and well-being. His goal with his clients is to help them “be your own cure – be your own vaccine”. He also has many years of experience in the health insurance industry and can help clients understand the system. Jukka is also a health-fitness expert, and accomplished athlete.

Jessica R. Barsotti

Public Interest Attorney

Ms. Barsotti is a graduate of Hastings College of Law and has over 15 years experience. She takes a practical approach to legal issues and her personal style and plain language explanations help to create the desired results for her clients. She enjoys getting to know her clients and building life-long professional relationships with them. Ms. Barsotti adds unique warmth, respect, experience and passion to her legal expertise.

Sandeep Gupta

Financial Advisor

Sandeep Gupta, MBA, CFP, CLU, ChFC and his team’s mission is to educate families and small business owners across the US in the planning of their complete financial future. Through a comprehensive financial planning approach they simplify areas such as investments, insurance, and taxes. Sandeep is excited to help more people achieve a solid financial future by providing free guidance through Jiseki’s Text A Financial advisor.

Milagros C. Escoredo

MS Psychology, MA Counseling

Ms. Escoredo is a psychologist experienced in delivering psychodynamic treatment to individuals in outpatient and inpatient care settings.   She strongly believes that combining technology with psychology can greatly help people struggling from mental disorders on a much bigger scale and, more importantly, it can also both reduce stigmatization and make people feel happier. Now living in California, Ms. Escoredo is a native of Argentina.

Breanna Gentile

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Dr. Gentile is a psychologist with 12 years experience helping people cope with general issues through acceptance and mindfulness-based stress reduction. She has published several articles on the psychosocial effects of chronic illnesses as well as on motivation and personal development. Currently you may find her speaking publicly about her work in oncology and obesity, as well as personal development for those with chronic illnesses.

Jiseki: Peace of mind for $7.95 per month. Inspiration comes free.