About Jiseki/Frequently Asked Questions

About Jiseki

Based in Northern California, Jiseki is a portable life benefits company, providing hard working Americans scaled and affordable health, financial, and legal services including life-changing discounts on every day necessities.

We are a committed, passionate, resilient and purpose-driven team brought together to remove systemic barriers that limit progress towards the attainment of the American Dream.

While we are a Membership Community, Jiseki provides free information about vital emergency services to our neighbors most in need. Find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) below.

Jiseki: Peace of mind for $7.95 per month. Inspiration comes free.


A: Jiseki is a Japanese concept (自責) which means “I accept responsibility” and implies faith that you yourself can make your life better. You’ve got this, you can do it. We can help.

We’re an American company and we feel “Jiseki” embodies the American Way. We are a can-do nation where you can build the life you want, but only if you have the proper foundation. We help provide the foundation upon which to build.

A: Jiseki is a Membership Community, and the dues our Members pay each month help provide services for themselves and the rest of the community. Much like AAA (auto club) or AARP (retirement), Jiseki (life services) can provide group discounts to our Community based the size of our Membership. The more Members we get, the better the deals we are able to find you. So tell a friend!

A: No. Jiseki provides Members with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the company, and the Community, has their back. Our Membership dues help pay for professionals even when any single Member may not need them, because other Members might. Dues mean our services are always available. While that provides peace of mind similar to insurance, we are not an insurance company nor do we underwrite policies.

A: Jiseki does NOT provide emergency services and we are not an insurance company. We do not pay medical bills or cover claims. We provide basic health, financial, and legal services for those in need. If you are suffering a life threatening emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

A: Jiseki is a for profit company, however we do work with a number of local and national charities in order to best serve our members and those in need. The company does not accept donations at this time.

A: We are currently exploring the possibility of donations and/or gifting of Memberships. More to come.

A: We’ve worked hard at Jiseki to provide life services to our Community at the lowest price. Membership dues pay for the doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who serve our Community each and every day. They also help to keep Members’ information confidential and safe, because we have committed to funding ourselves through means other than advertising or selling your information to third parties. While we will continue to explore ways to serve those for whom $7.95 per month is an undue burden, we are unable to fully subsidize the services listed on this website at this time.

A: No, we are a Membership Community whose Members’ dues help pay for the services we provide. As a company, we have committed to funding ourselves through means other than advertising or selling your information to third parties. The data you provide Jiseki is confidential and we will not sell it.

A: Nothing. There are a small set of vital services we have provided, and will continue to provide, to those most in need. These include FEMA support, SNAP acceptance location services, Red Card information, and information on free summer food programs for children. While these are included in Membership, we are committed to providing these and other vital services to the people most in need whether or not they are Members. Because it’s the right thing to do. But the majority of our service are available only to Members.

A: All you need to join and use Jiseki is a mobile phone with the ability to send and receive text messages.

A: You will soon be able to sign-up and use our pre-paid Jiseki bank card to pay your Jiseki dues (and all of your other bills) without the need of a bank or credit check. More to come.

A: Jiseki is not an exclusive club. Any person living in the United States can become a Member as long as they continue to pay their dues. In the future we may open Membership to people living in other countries, but today Jiseki’s technology isn’t supported by some foreign mobile phone carriers and thus Jiseki currently may not work overseas.

Jiseki: Peace of mind for $7.95 per month. Inspiration comes free.

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