Finding delicious and healthy food options can be a challenge, especially during the summer and at the end of each month.  JisekiFood helps our Members solve their nutritional needs.

JisekiFood can help:

• Find a local food pantry

• Locate stores near you that accept SNAP

• Discover free food programs for children during the summer

• Deliver affordable, fresh fruit and vegetables to your door (limited availability)

How It Works

Jiseki knows the path to better health begins with proper access to food and nutrition.  Finding good food shouldn’t be a challenge.  Members have a number of food services available to them through JisekiFood.  It’s all just a text away.

TEXT #snap and your zip code to 543210

Receive a list of stores near you that accept SNAP

TEXT #food and your zip code to 543210

Discover nearby free summer food programs for schoolchildren

TEXT #fresh and your zip code to 543210

Fresh food, delivered to your home, often at half the price of the local grocery store (note: this program is in testing and is not available to all parts of the country.)

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