Jiseki Community Members receive free legal consultations with our public interest attorneys, who provide advice and referrals as needed.

Some of of the areas where our attorneys can assist you:

• Housing: property and renter rights

• Benefits: medical insurance, state disability, unemployment, workman’s compensation

• Employment: employment rights, contractor (gig worker) rights

• Immigration: visa, naturalization

• Personal law: child support, separation/divorce, alimony, child custody

Our Legal Team Response Times 

Same day response during business hours(Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm PST)

Response time within 48 hours over the weekend, holidays, and evenings.

How It Works

Community Members can connect with licensed public interest attorneys anywhere, anytime through our dedicated
JisekiLegal text line.  Free legal advice within minutes!

TEXT #legal to 543210

Text with your concern/question.

Get Consult

Consult with a public interest attorney by text

Receive advice and referrals as needed

Receive help within a day!

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